About Us

Margin Colab was created because the space existed. Founder, Andi, always used to say that if she ever just had the space, she’d make good use of it. 

Well, through a turn of events, 1700 sq ft of one of her businesses’ warehouses became freed up. When she realized she had space, she knew it was time to invite other makers and vintage lovers in.

Margin Colab is just a space. It’s a space for those who don’t usually have space, the marginalized on the fringes.

You’re welcome here.


Margin Colab is nothing without its killer team behind it. Shoshanna is crucial in coordinating all of the main event details and making sure all of Margin’s makers and vendors are well taken care of.

Kaitlyn and Kelsey, our Sorum sisters, keep the ship afloat and sailing efficiently. We’d sink without their tireless efforts with Whiskey Business and beyond.

If you need help or have questions at any of our events or about any of our services, these women will take good care of you.

Shoshanna Walsh

Project Manager

Kaitlyn Kinerk

Washington Operations Coordinator

Kelsey Sorum

Washington Operations Assistant

Meet The Founder

Whiskey Business founder, Andi, never imagined she would be in the world of bath and body goods, manufacturing, or even retail. After starting her first business offering graphic and web design services at 16, she went on to run a marketing business while attending CSU Long Beach and then beyond. She also ran and managed many other businesses, ranging from photography, private event bartending, a skateboard magazine, and a few more along the way.

Andi grew up in California, and spent a lot of time traveling all over the country. Whiskey, Ink & Lace, the flagship brand of Whiskey Business debuted in late 2013 on the coast of North Carolina where she was living at the time, and already it has brought her from the east coast to the Northwest as the business expanded. The business spent a year in Portland, then moved to Seattle as it grew.

Whiskey Business’s brands include over 250 handcrafted products, sold online and through retailers around the globe.

Andi’s eclectic past of traveling, making, and doing, along with a heavy interest in all natural alternatives to commercial health products lends to the diversity, quality, and excitement of Whiskey Business.


We’re about creating a community with local makers and vintage sellers. Need space? Need assistance? Need advice? Hit us up.

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We plan monthly markets for May-Dec for local sellers to get some face time with their customers in a comfortable space centrally located.

Check out our upcoming events.

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We have 1500 sq ft available most of the month for renting out to use as you need. We have desks, wifi, and free coffee! Need space? Hit us up and we’ll get you set up. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

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We have some experience in taking a business handcrafting products from a hobby in our kitchen to a 6 figure business in less than a year, and expanded that to multiple warehouses in multiple states in less than 3 years. We’ve made mistakes. You don’t have to make them, too. If you have big dreams, but also big questions, contact us. We’d love to help!

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